Best Photos of a Gorilla with Disfigured Hands

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We will examine the interesting photo taken at a birthday party for gorillas at the Atlanta zoo, and try to explain how similar they are to humans.

Anaka is a gorilla residing in the Atlanta Zoo. To celebrate Anaka’s 6th birthday, officials are organizing a small event for him. The zoo staff and gorillas spend very joyful moments in this organization. Of course, in the meantime, some take photos to document these moments and share them on their Facebook accounts.

Hand of the Gorilla Missing Pigment

Hand of the Gorilla Missing Pigment

One detail in the shared photos attracts the attention of people. The pinkness on the hand of 6-year-old Anaka. When they get closer to the picture, they realize that this area, which seems to have lost pigment, looks very much like human hands. Unlike most primates, seeing the hand of one of these animals with fingernails instead of claws in such a unique way impresses people and they start reasoning.

Gorilla's Interesting Photos

Gorilla’s Interesting Photos

Some say Anaka may have a skin disease called vitiligo that causes permanent pigment loss. However, zoo officials state that this is not the case and that they have not encountered any other pigment loss anywhere in Anaka for years. They add that they think this image is some kind of birthmark.



Stating that Anaka’s character is unique as well as her appearance, the zoo officials stated that Anaka often spends her time playing with her brother and mother (riding on their back); They tell that he calls out to his mother whenever he wants something and that he is very popular in the family.


In the meantime, we know that gorillas differ from our closest relative chimpanzees in terms of gene sequencing as a result of their evolution, as a result of their adaptation to the geography they lived in 10 – 10.5 million years ago. We should also mention that their DNA is 98.9% similar to that of humans.

See how similar the motion in the 4th second is to us even in the video above.

The average life expectancy of gorillas living in groups of roughly 15 gorillas is 35 to 40 years.


If you are interested in the tpic, here we talk about Koko, a gorilla who has highly developed speech skills and learned to speak like a human you know, albeit with sign language.

Koko and his Trainer

Koko and his Trainer

Koko has a wealth of concepts of 600 words and can use 375 of these words comfortably when interacting with people in her daily life. Koko, who also has the ability to empathize with other animals, looks at her trainer when she looks at a photo of an animal pictured while taking a bath because she too hates taking a bath and says, “I would cry if it were me.” He can make a sentence like. Or when he sees an uneasy animal, he can sign in a sign that it hurts him and point to his tooth.

Maybe he doesn’t have the ability to choke and bend words like we do, but there is also a talking animal you know. Koko, who can even manage to lie and insult when she gets angry, I think will be my new interest.

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