November Discounts: Amazing 56 Billion Dollar!

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In the article, we will try to explain where the November discounts that are spreading around the world came from, what they do, and what a profit online marketplaces have made from this business.

The world is changing, even traditional companies, who described the growth in the shares of startups such as Amazon as a bubble, during the early popularization of the internet, are now selling their products online. Business plans vary widely. In the past, sites selling only products in their own inventory were opened, but now online marketplaces that gather all manufacturers from the largest company to the smallest company under a global or national roof are growing. Although the level of personal well-being in developing countries like ours is related to big economic decisions, the concept of economy in developed countries now expresses something much more personal.

Many people now earn their living by producing content or selling their labor on online marketplaces such as social media or etsy. There are even digital immigrants who are constantly changing countries according to their business plan. Change is no longer just in the way of doing business. We are also in a great cultural change. People increasingly prefer a singular life. Although the moral dimension of this situation is discussed on TV, the data confirms that we are getting married less and less. For this reason, the marketing strategies of large companies are starting to change. In the past, campaigns focused on Valentine’s Day, family packages, while online service providers now also offer discounts for single residents.

November Discounts… But Why November?

We saw the first example of this on 11.11.2020 in the Chinese online marketplace Alibaba’s november discount campaign. 11.11 is actually a local singles’ day celebrated in a small region of China. The effect of the autumn months, which evoke separation in the history of singles’ day, and the combination of so many numbers of 1.

Starting from here, Alibaba is organizing a discount campaign on 11.11. This global campaign by Alibaba for one day is so successful that it breaks the all-time record and explains that sales of $ 56 billion were made in a single day. As can be seen, we now observe how quickly a local celebration of China transforms into something global and although it continues its cultural hegemony, America really loses its influence in some areas.

n11 11.11 November Discounts

n11 11.11 November Discounts

Alibaba’s creation of a cultural background to the November discount is actually related to the “Black Friday” discounts that America has made for the first Friday after thanksgiving in November, which is organized to commemorate a historical pain. Alibaba, which has users from every country, wants to benefit from this great discount campaign advantage by creating a new value. You know, even on Black Friday, there are real discounts of up to 50%, even on luxury goods, and many American companies are reaching incredible sales figures.

However, these november discounts can no longer affect the professional customer. If you have the goal of being the leader of the industry, you need to put forward a process where you set up cargo systems, design robotic warehouses and give importance to brand value. If you achieve the balance of all these, the numbers reached come to these dimensions.

The record broken by Alibaba

The record broken by Alibaba

Dear reader, we all evolve into small consumers. Human life purpose began to take shape only as working and consuming. Search engines and social media areas that process our data also accelerated this evolution. Thanks to big data, big companies now know us better than we do. We have been entities that are constantly manipulated by direct or indirect advertisements that cannot make decisions with our will.

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