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You can listen to the content of the Ankara journey here.

Content Summary

I wanted to keep a memory of this journey where I went to give my doctoral thesis to Ankara. The content was a mixture of travel writing and memoir.

Journey to Ankara - I'm Going to Submit My Doctoral Thesis

Journey to Ankara – I’m Going to Submit My Doctoral Thesis

Journey to Ankara… I am going to submit my doctoral thesis, which I defended twenty-five days ago. The end of the 6-year period. I moved, changed three cities, changed jobs, got married… Just when I thought my doctorate was still not over, it was finally over. Especially the last six months were incredibly challenging, but as I heard people tell me, I was always lucky with my teachers.

I got on the bus from Giresun. As you leave the Black Sea, you know that the bus goes everywhere. People come from districts and terminals. Most of your academic career is spent waiting for these buses, working in narrow seats, visiting recreational facilities and waiting for HAVAŞ with the dogs in the morning. Money always goes to the roads.

Recreational facilities also have a separate spirit, but each one is different from each other. Some are secluded, some are lively, some are busy, and some are perhaps very quiet depending on the time you visit. I don’t know, some recreational facilities are very religious, for example. You can understand it from the structure of the products sold. Some facilities never have such a situation.

In each one you encounter strange content. That’s what happened on this last trip. Take, for example, the strange toy I saw at the recreational facilities.

One of the strange dolls sold at the recreational facilities

One of the strange dolls sold at the recreational facilities

This is also a cat. I asked, they left him in a car stopping for a break and left. Feeded at here. Then they took him to the nearby police station, but he escaped from the police station and came here again. A recretional facilities junkie, I guess. It’s a cute thing.

Say Hello to Ankara

We entered Ankara. This beautiful city, whose greyness I cannot get enough of, welcomes me with a dapple morning. I get off at AŞTİ and go to Ankaray . However, there is a malfunction. I waited for half an hour and forty minutes. It’s sad to start with bad luck. Moreover, the place became very crowded and heated.

The problem’s been solved. I took Ankaray and got off at the Kurtuluş stop.

The slope of Ankara University, which I enjoyed walking for six years.

The slope of Ankara University, which I enjoyed walking for six years.

The entrance of my university. My life has been spent going uphill like this. I was also climbing Dokuz Eylül during my master ‘s degree . However, the slope of Dokuz Eylül was longer and more brutal. Walking here is a little more enjoyable.

The binding and printing of the thesis will be done by the stationery department within the faculty. For thesis binding works, I recommend everyone, regardless of university, if there is a stationery within the faculty. Since they do this job very often, they do not make mistakes and they warn you about any mistakes they see. I sent my thesis via e-mail. Printed and bound. I will pick up and deliver directly, but the stationery is not opened yet. I wander around the corridors of the faculty until it opens.

This is ÇOGEM (Children’s and Youth Literature Application and Research Center) Turkey’s first Children’s and Youth Literature Research and Development Centre. It was founded by Prof. Dr. Sedat SEVER. You can check the website, there are book recommendations for children according to age. Apart from this, they have useful works and awards they give every year, which have now gained a respected place in children’s literature.

I go to the library and do the final checks. Since the stationery store is still not open, have a meal in Tombiş …

One of the magnificent meals of Tombiş, near the faculty.

One of the magnificent meals of Tombiş, near the faculty.

I got the thesis. I delivered it to the Institute and the process is complete!

I stopped for a while. From now on, I can either walk left or right. I can either drink coffee or watch the ants on the ground. I took a breather.

What follows is my favorite path to walk. Between Kızılay and Cebeci. I didn’t bother, I videotaped the entire route and added it to the YouTube video. You can walk this path with me to rest . There is no comment or conversation. If you get bored, skip to the next section.

The mood of a subject who has completed his doctorate.

The mood of a subject who has completed his doctorate.

Except those. AŞTİ has improved a lot. On the upper floor, there are working areas at European standards that can be accessed with a city card. Even Popeyes and Burger King have opened.

I thought I would come back feeling emotional and everything I had experienced so far would flash before my eyes, but it didn’t happen that way. It has been quite an eventful journey. Our bus was changed in Samsun. We waited in uncertainty for a long time… But I came here just to listen to the conversation between the captain and the assistant. Sometimes we got angry with some cars and came to Giresun.

I wanted to keep a memory of this journey. My teacher said that the important thing is not to get the doctor’s title but to have it. Now all that’s left is to work harder. The first conference was on January 13!

Only when that is finished, I will now play computer games for 6 months, produce content for YouTube, and complete my unfinished novel. I will have a long chat with Feyime.

See you soon, stay safe.


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